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Did you know that the air inside the average home is up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside? Read more air purifier information below. Explore Purifiers. These ions refresh the air without any harmful chemicals or perfumes. True HEPA filtration is ideal for removing common household allergens such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and smoke from the air.

Built-in temperature, dust and humidity sensors monitor your air quality and automatically clean and humidify as needed, so you can sit back and enjoy healthier, fresher air! Humidifiers can help relieve sinus issues, dry throat, dry eyes and chapped lips. They can also help relieve dry skin caused by psoriasis, thyroid disorders, topical medications and cosmetics. Heaters used in wintertime can lower the humidity level in the air, so having a humidifier is helpful.

Traditional systems rely on air passing through the filter, but ions can spread to every corner of the room to actively clean.

Mold spores are present in both indoor and outdoor air. Reducing the mold level in a home minimizes its effect on allergies and improves general health.

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Ions are dispersed into the air. Positive and negative ions are created using water vapor in the air. Ions actively attach to and break down pollutants.

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The ions neutralize their charge by pulling apart airborne pollutants, thereby reducing the pollutants in the air. Ionizers add a negative charge to airborne particles, which makes them stick to furniture, walls and floors. Sharp air purifiers have the added advantage of reducing static electricity. It is so effective that it is now used by leading automotive companies to freshen the air inside cars, and in refrigerators to maintain freshness of food and kill mold.

Each model has its own CADR rating, which indicates the smoke, dust, and pollen removal rate when the air in the room is changed 5 times per hour. Pet allergens and tobacco smoke particles are typically smaller than 1 micron mic.We respect your privacy.

All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story. Of the four appliances in the typical kitchen suite, the microwave is the least expensive.

So you might not give it as much thought as you would when buying a refrigerator, range, or dishwasher. Six brands of countertop microwaves and three brands of OTR microwaves received high marks for reliability from our members. And based on their experiences, we cannot recommend three brands of countertop microwaves and four OTR brands. To calculate predicted reliability, we ask our members about the products they own and use that data to make projections about how new models from a given brand will hold up over time.

We also ask members how likely they are to recommend their microwave, with that question serving as the basis for our owner satisfaction rating. Replacing an OTR model can be a bit of an ordeal because you have to unbolt it from the wall and cabinets. OTR microwaves from Electrolux, Samsung, Jenn-Air, and Magic Chef develop problems or break at a higher rate than their competitors, according to our survey. No brand earns an Excellent rating on that measure. Of those three brands, only LG makes our recommended list.

And though we do test Sharp microwaves, none performed well enough to merit a recommendation. At the moment, there are no Signature microwaves in our ratings.

The most frequently reported problems? Five percent of the OTR microwaves had a problem with noise or a broken or faulty control panel. Members also reported problems with turntables, interior lights, exhaust fans, and cooling fans, but to a lesser degree. Electrolux, in particular, stands out for having three of these problems and is among the more likely brands to have problems with control panels, doors, and interior lights.

We also asked our members what they like about their OTR microwaves. Overall, members were most likely to rate their microwaves Excellent for appearance and quick keys. More than 45 percent of OTR owners gave each of these attributes a big thumbs-up, on average, and owners of microwaves from KitchenAid, Bosch, Sharp, and JennAir were especially enthusiastic about the way they look in their kitchen. And although noise was the least liked attribute, with only an average of 20 percent of members rating their microwaves as Excellent for quietness, those same four brands fare better than others on that attribute as well.

Consumer Reports tests microwaves for performance, including whether or not a microwave heats evenly and how noisy it is when operating on the highest setting. To avoid problems, opt for a model that aces these tests. There are plenty to choose from. Countertop microwaves make up a larger part of the market, but they require a fair amount of countertop real estate. Large countertop microwaves are typically about 2 feet wide, a foot high, and about a foot-and-a-half deep.

Smaller models have a smaller footprint but tend to be underpowered and generally do not perform as well in our tests. Of them, only Maytag earns an Excellent rating; the other five brands earn Very Good reliability ratings. Based on performance, of those six brands, two models from LG make our recommended list, and models from Toshiba and Breville earn Very Good ratings overall. The one model from Avanti is a subpar performer.Sharp wants to hear from you.

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sharp consumer

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Request to be contacted for more information. Contact the Public Relations Department. Sharp is dedicated to providing Authorized Dealers with the most complete marketing and sales support in the industry. Contact us to learn more. Contact Business Development. Have questions about a product for your home? Please contact your local authorized Sharp reseller. Where to Buy. All fields are required. By clicking subscribe you are agreeing to receiving email communication from Sharp Electronics regarding Sharp consumer products.

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sharp consumer

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On the back of the TV on a sticker that shows a bar code and serial number. This sticker may be on either the right or left side, depending on the model; but is normally located in the lower half of the back of the TV.

The model number may also be visible on the side of the TV panel. Please check the inside of the microwave first before attempting to unmount or remove a built-in unit. Required: Upload your bill of sale, invoice, or a picture of the model label. For questions, service, manuals and more, we have lots of ways to get answers. Where's the model number? All fields are required. By clicking subscribe you are agreeing to receiving email communication from Sharp Electronics regarding Sharp consumer products.

Your privacy is important to us. Click here to read our Privacy policy. Live Chat. Twitter Facebook. Register Your Product. Product Information. Select a date. Where can I find my model number? All Sharp products have a model number stated on them, some in more than one place. The model number can be found on the original box the item was purchased in, on the product manual, and on the product in the locations described below.

Helpful tip: For convenience, if you have a digital camera or smart phone, you may want to take a digital photo of the model number. TV On the back of the TV on a sticker that shows a bar code and serial number. Audio Systems.This company is not yet accredited. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter!

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SHARP Be Original

Our first flat screen was a Magnavox. We went with it because it was a good brand name, but it wouldn't turn on a year later. We looked around and found a Sharp TV.

I remember this brand from my childhood, and the reviews on the TV were good. The price was comparable with others in the store, so we decided to give this one a try. It's been a great TV. We would definitely recommend to others. Best all-around tv viewing experience. Picture is crisp. Many options I do not even use? Great price when models change. Available to me. I use a tv for watching and do not understand all the extras but Sharp is loaded with them. While in Best Buy, their picture quality was the best of all brands offered.

I only buy Sharp or Samsung, Sharp lately. Get buying tips about TV Brands delivered to your inbox. Have purchase both Sharp and Samsung colored TVs in the past and have been very satisfied with both brands. Have not used it yet but will use it when one of our current TVs has to be replaced. Would definitely recommend and be a future buyer of either Sharp or Samsung TVs based on their excellent reputation for quality including very good sound and many good features.

sharp consumer

The TV was very easy to set up. It basically did it on its own. Nice picture for the price. It's a 55 inch UHD. Paid The Samsungs and LGs were more money but I can never tell the difference when I'm looking at them in the store. Our TV was given as a gift a few years ago.

The TV's clarity is very good, and the audio is very good, too -- we can select the type of desired sound such as theater, big bass, high treble, etc.We respect your privacy. All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story. Our tests find that not all microwaves can achieve that feat, but the best do it handily. Microwaves are available in two types—over-the-range OTR and countertop. We test both. In the lab, we assess how fast and how evenly microwaves heat. The speed score in our microwave ratings is based on how fast a microwave heats 1 liter of room-temperature water.

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For evenness, we heat a bowl of cold mashed potatoes for 10 minutes, then take temperature readings in 20 different locations. Here, grouped by type and listed alphabetically, are the best microwaves ofbased on our latest tests.

Countertop models include small, midsized, and large microwaves.

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Where it excels is at defrosting, earning an Excellent rating on that test. But speed of heating earns a Poor rating, and heating evenness is only so-so. This microwave works with Alexa, so you can use voice controls to turn it on and set the time. But you need an Echo device to take advantage of this feature. We do not have enough data on AmazonBasics microwaves to rate them for predicted reliability or owner satisfaction.

It aces our heating evenness test, earning an Excellent rating. The controls are a cinch to use, and this microwave works relatively quietly. GE countertop microwaves get average ratings for reliability and satisfaction.

It aces our tests for speed of heating, heating evenness, and defrosting evenness—everything you want from a high-performing microwave. And the brand earns a Very Good rating for reliability.This model is no longer available or might have limited distribution.

This TV is internet enabled.

Best Microwaves of 2020

Unlock for unbiased ratings and reviews for products and services you use everyday. It includes an Ethernet jack allowing for a wired connection to your home network. It is also WiFi capable, so you can connect it to your home network wirelessly. It is DLNA certified, so you can view digital photos stored on a compatible computer, phone, or other mobile device also connected to your home network.

It also has one USB port, which may be used to play media--photos, videos, and music--stored on a flash drive.

sharp consumer

The panel itself is 3. The warranty on this model covers parts for 12 months and labor for 12 months. Reactivate now to get the information you were looking for! If you feel you have received this message in error, please view our customer care FAQs or access your account information here. Sign In. Become a Member. Remember Me. Not a member? Need further assistance? Please call Member Services at Subscribe Now. Or, Sign In. Ratings Scorecard. Unlock for unbiased ratings and reviews for products and services you use everyday Subscribe Or, Sign In.

Component-video Component-video The total number of component-video inputs on the TV. Component-video connections require three separate RCA jacks.

Countertop Microwaves

One of the three component video input RCA jacks doubles as a composite-video input. This means you can only plug in one type or the other at any given time. Composite-video Composite-video Number of composite-video inputs on the TV.

A composite video signal is analog, and carries standard definition i video only, no audio. Composite is often used to connect older equipment like a VCR, or older camera and camcorder models, to your TV. This type of input is no longer available on most TVs. Ethernet port Ethernet port Ethernet is the common wired network connection that allows TVs to access to the Internet.

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